Hot Tools

Hot Tools are indispensable pieces of equipment that serve unique purposes.

We offer a full line of hot tools and have the expertise to help you use them to their greatest advantage.  We understand their value and benefit over other tools in certain applications.

  • Our Heavy Duty Hot Knife (HK-60) is a heavy-duty tool for cutting and sealing synthetic materials. The tool easily slices through materials such as plastics, indoor/outdoor carpet, awnings, and gaskets, sails and creates a neat beaded edge. With resharpenable copper cutting tips and a stay-cool handle, the hot knife is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. A controller is also available to provide adjustable cutting temperatures.
  • For wood burning and pyrography, we offer our own woodburner that is the perfect tool for burnings designs and art into wood.  The heating element sits directly under the tip so the handle stays cool even as the tool reaches 800°F.
  • The lacquer burn-in knife is the perfect tool for furniture repair. The wide spatula-shaped tip can melt and smooth lacquer sticks into damaged wood to repair scratches and gouges.
  • Our Hot Tools product line also includes foil transfer tools, stencil making tools, hot tacking tools, and archival tape removing tools. Each of these specialized tools makes easy work of embellishing, cutting, positioning and tape removal with the perfect tip for each application.

Soldering Iron Tips

In addition to M.M. Newman Corporation’s numerous hot tool products, we strive for strong quality control, fast and courteous customer service and also offer just-in-time delivery programs.