Spiral Wrap Identifiers

Heli-Tube® spirally cut plastic wrap is truly one of the most diverse, practical products available.

This unique, flexible Polyethylene spiral wrap not only acts as a cable protector and organizer for a wide variety of products and applications, but it serves as an economical, easy-to-use temporary safety marker.

spirally cut plastic wrap

This full line of expandable wrap comes in multiple brightly colored options, making it ideal as a marker for potential safety hazards, boundaries and emergency routes. Its flexible design allows it to easily be applied by hand to railings, pipes, columns, and many other surfaces, and it can be removed as effortlessly as it was applied.

Whether you choose Heli-Tube® in orange, yellow, pink, or any other color, its high visibility provides maximum safety identification to any surface. Beyond the visual marker, this expandable plastic wrap has a tactile “feel,” adding further safety assurance, and it can be easily stretched between columns to establish clear boundaries.

Unlike paints, pressure-sensitive tapes, and other safety markers, Heli-Tube® spirally cut plastic wrap offers the unique ability to quickly install it by hand, and just as quickly remove or reuse it, leaving no permanent marks and requiring minimal effort and time.

Heli-Tube® spirally cut plastic wrap is available in a wide range of sizes, wrapping around columns up to 10” O.D. It is available in numerous materials, including high-quality Polyethylene, Nylon and PTFE, making it chemically inert, abrasion-resistant, and able to operate over a wide temperature range. It is offered on spools and in payout boxes. For more information about our cable protector selection, please contact us at M.M. Newman today.

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