Hot Knife For Cutting Gaskets

Imagine having the ability to install gaskets, carpeting & expandable sleeves—in just one step, all with one tool.

hot cutting knife

The Hot Tools HK-60 hot cutting knife does just that, providing an easy, fast way to cut and install all these and more into RVs, van conversions, boats, personal watercraft, trailers, and anything else you can think of.

An industrial-grade, extremely lightweight electric hot knife, this innovative hand tool makes installation faster than ever. The Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife features a heavy-duty, double-edge copper tip that heats up to 900° F in less than two minutes. Its unique design allows it to cut and seal synthetic materials simultaneously, cutting installation time in half. While the heating element rapidly gets hot, its tapered wooden handle always stays cool, and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use over and over again.

While operating at 115V, the .060”-thick tip easily slides on, can be re-sharpened as necessary, and will never bind or freeze—all the while providing 60 watts of cutting and melting power.

Weighing less than one oz. and measuring 6-3/4” long, this hot cutting knife can easily be used by anyone with minimal effort. This ease of use, combined with high, double-duty power makes it the ideal choice for cutting and installing all types of synthetic materials, including carpeting, gaskets, expandable sleeves, and much more. For additional information, please contact us at M.M. Newman today.