Leading Provider of Spirally Cut Tubing

Bundles Wires, Cables and Hoses, Resists Abrasion and Provides a Neat Finished Appearance

MM Newman Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of Heli-Tube® Spirally Cut Cable Wrap, a versatile expandable plastic cable harness. Established in 1956, we offer the widest range of materials, sizes and colors on the market today. Applications for Heli-Tube® are as varied as the product line. They range from organizing wires, hoses and tubing to protecting high-pressure hoses to decorating an endless variety of consumer-oriented products. We have a large inventory of Heli-Tube® and can ship your order immediately.

We are the sole importing agent of Antex Miniature Soldering Irons, Stations, Tips and Accessories. These irons have the heating element directly under the tip which gives you faster heat up, quicker recovery times and a cooler handle.

Our Hot Tools division manufactures a complete line of Woodburning Tools for decorative decoy carving, Hot Knives for cutting synthetics and indoor/outdoor carpeting, Stencil Makers, Foil Transfer Pens, Hot Tacking Tools for mounting photographs, and Lacquer Burn-In Knives for furniture repair.

We also offer a line of FEP Corrugated tubing and PTFE Convoluted tubing.

Everything revolves around you the customer. Our manufacturing, quality control, fast and courteous service, just-in-time (JIT) delivery programs and other innovative services are designed to make us your supplier.