Antex Soldering Irons & Accessories

For over 70 years, Antex has been a leader in manufacturing soldering irons and other soldering accessories. Their attention to detail and promise to provide the highest quality products has made them a reputable, reliable, and renowned maker of soldering tools.

Using the latest technologies, the company has created a number of different soldering irons, all designed to be user-friendly. These technological advancements help to direct the heat to the tip of the tool and keep the handle cool, while the accuracy and precision of these products far exceed that of a bulky soldering iron.

M.M. Newman Corporation’s complete line of high-quality Antex products are available for use for countless industrial and electronic applications. Our line includes both miniature and standard size soldering irons, as well as a number of tips, stations and other soldering iron accessories.

Designed for all industrial and electronic hand soldering applications, our Antex product line features power outputs from 12 to 50 W.

For more information, please download M.M. Newman Corporation’s Antex soldering iron catalog, which contains a complete list of our soldering iron product line and accessories.

Soldering Irons
These tools are solidly built and constructed to keep the handle cool while directing the heat directly to the tip. We offer miniature and standard size soldering irons. The miniature version heats up fast and has quick recovery times while the standard sized tool has greater thermal inertia for soldering larger components.

Soldering Iron Tips
Tips for these irons are available separately. The miniature iron tips feature multilayer construction and nickel plating that leads to easy wetting and long shelf life. Premium iron-plated tips, gold plated, reshapeable and bare copper tips are also available. Tips for standard irons are available in two series and are designed for higher temperatures and maximum heat conductivity.

Antex Soldering IronsSoldering Accessories
Soldering stations and accessories improve soldering techniques and offer conveniences to aid the user. We offer a standalone controller that plugs into an outlet and allows the user to precisely control the temperature. Ideal for soldering heat-sensitive components, the controller adjusts the tip temperature from 150°F to the highest heat. Stands are made from high-grade materials that can handle high temperatures, have a sponge to wipe tip, and can be securely mounted for ease of use.

The soldering stations are designed for more professional use and can be ordered with or without the iron. The stations provide precise temperature control for frequently changing temperature requirements.