Cable Wrap

Why would you use Heli-Tube® Spiral wrap?
To bundle wires, cables or hoses, and to prevent chaffing.

Why would you use colored Heli-Tube® spiral wrap?
To help identify different bundles of wires, cables or hoses.

What is the standard direction of the spiral cut for Heli-Tube® spiral wrap?
Forward cut (Right Hand Cut)

Can I get Heli-Tube® spirally cut in either direction?
Yes.  Forward Cut (Right Hand) and Reverse cut (Left Hand Cut) are available.

Can you make Heli-Tube® with a different pitch (distance between the cuts)?
Yes.  The pitch can be changed to a custom size.

What is the standard spool length for Heli-Tube® spiral wrap?
100 FT

What is the smallest length spool for Heli-Tube®?
25 FT

How much Heli-Tube® spiral wrap do you need to cover a certain length of wires?
OD of Object covering divided by the ID of the Heli-Tube®, then multiply by the number of feet that need to be covered.

Is Heli-Tube® spiral wrap in compliance with California Proposition 65?

Are the Nylon, Polyethylene and PTFE Heli-Tube® static dissipators?
No.  They are electric insulators.  They are not ESD safe or anti-static.

What are the advantages of Nylon Spiral Wrap over Polyethylene?
Nylon is self-extinguishing and very lightweight.  

What is the shelf life of Heli-Tube® spiral wrap?
Heli-Tube® has an indefinite shelf life if stored properly.  This would mean out of direct sunlight at a normal room temperature.

What type of Polyethylene is Heli-Tube® made from?
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Is Heli-Tube® spiral wrap RoHS and REACH compliant?

Which Heli-Tube® spiral wrap should be used outside?
Black Polyethylene, Black Nylon or PTFE.

What is the flame rating for PTFE?

What does RoHS mean?
Removal of hazardous substances.

What does Reach mean?
Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of chemicals.

Is the dial temp compatible with 220V?
No.  In a 220V country they would need to get a converter and use our 120V tool to use the dial temp.

What is the HK-60 used for?
It cuts and seals (creates a beaded edge) synthetics such as expandable plastic sleeving, gasketing, sailcloth, indoor/outdoor carpet and awnings.

How thick of a material can the HK-60 cut?
The blade of the HK-60 is 5/8 of an inch long, so that is the max thickness it can melt thru.

What tips are available for the HK-60?
Heavy Duty Hot Knife Tip, Heavy Duty Blank Tip and the Heavy Duty Woodburner Tip.