Stencil Maker & Tips

Stencils are essentially templates cut out and used to color letters, shapes, or designs onto surfaces. The Hot Tools Stencil Maker creates these templates, which can even be used to transfer images onto skin as part of the tattooing process. Using a stencil maker, business owners can also make their own custom signage to add logos or business names to just about any surface.

Heating up to 425°F in under a minute, the Stencil Maker features a special bent tip that produces a fine, clean cut. Requiring very little pressure, it leaves a beaded edge that resists tearing, and eliminates broken knife blades, torn stencils, and tired fingers. The Stencil Maker features a comfortable wooden handle that stays cool because the heating element is directly under the slide-on tip. 

Features that work: produces a fine beaded edge, little pressure required, handle stays cool, and heats up quickly.