Polyethylene Spiral Wrap

UV-Resistant Black Polyethylene Spiral Wrap Resists Oils, Fuels & Sunlight

Heli-Tube® UV-resistant, black polyethylene spirally cut wrap offers a range of unique advantages.

In addition to the many needs and applications it serves, Heli-Tube® expandable polyethylene cable wrap and abrasion protector is resistant to oils, fuels, detergents and direct sunlight. Heli-Tube® features an extremely high degree of flexibility and abrasion resistance, easily covering and protecting parts and bundles. It’s designed to be unaffected by oils, fuels and sunlight, while preventing pneumatic and hydraulic hose failures, and protecting anything else it wraps.

Furthermore, its expandable design allows it to meet a range of size and shape requirements, wrapping around single or multiple hoses, like tape. The full line of Heli-Tube® comes in 10 sizes, ranging from 1/8” to 1 ½” O.D., allowing it to easily organize and protect bundles up to 10” in diameter.

Furthermore, Heli-Tube® is easily applied without the use of tools and can be installed to equipment in the factory or in the field. This product conforms to Federal Spec. LP 390, MIL-P-21922 and A-A-59602. Heli-Tube® spirally cut wrap is priced according to size and quantity and is available in spools, boxed, or cut-to-length.

uv-resistant spiral wrap

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