M.M. Newman Corporation offers a variety of products to meet the needs of nearly every industry & application. We manufacture & distribute products including spiral cable wrap, tubing, soldering irons, hot tools and more.

We are the global leader in the manufacturing of Heli-Tube® Spirally Cut Cable Wrap, a versatile expandable plastic cable harness. Heli-Tube® products revolutionized cable protection and the applications are as varied as the product line. All Heli-Tube® products are made in the U.S.A. and we have a large inventory that is available to ship immediately.

Our tubing products consist of PTFE/FEP/PFA tubing, FEP corrugated tubing and PTFE convoluted tubing, and heat shrink tubing solutions. These products are suitable for many industrial applications and can also be custom made to meet the precise requirements of your application.

We also offer a full line of Antex Miniature Soldering Irons, stations, tips and accessories. These irons have the heating element directly under the tip which gives you faster heat up, quicker recovery times and a cooler handle. We are the sole importing agent for Antex tools and we value their outstanding quality, reliability and durability.

Our Hot Tools division manufactures a complete line of tools for hobbyists, crafters and manufacturers. These tools include woodburning tools that are suitable for all types of woods and decorative carving applications, hot knives for cutting synthetics and indoor/outdoor carpeting, stencil makers, foil transfer pens, hot tacking tools for mounting photographs and lacquer burn-in knives for furniture repair.

From our spirally cut tubing and abrasion protector products for the cable and tubing applications to our full line of heated tools, we provide the products you need for a safe and effective working environment. For detailed information on any of our products, please contact us.

Heli-Tube Spiral Cable Wrap

Cable Wrap

Hydraulic Hose Protector: PTFE Spiral Wrap Prevents Chafing