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Heli-Tube Spiral Wrap

Heli-Tube® Spiral Wrap
Spiral Wrap and Abrasion Protector
Expandable Plastic Cable Harness Available in a Wide Variety of Materials and Sizes

Antex Soldering Irons

Antex Soldering Irons

For over 70 years, Antex has been a leader in manufacturing hot tools and other soldering accessories. Their attention to detail and promise to provide the highest quality products has made them a reputable, reliable, and renowned maker of solder tools.

Antex doesn't just provide for professionals in the electronics industry. They have heat tools for all individuals from crafters to amateurs just learning how to solder. Their inventory is expansive and guarantees something for everyone.

Using the latest technologies, the company has created a number of different irons, all designed to be user-friendly. These technological advancements help to direct the heat to the tip of the tool and keep the handle cool, while the accuracy and precision of these products far exceed that of a bulky solder gun.

In addition to their popular solder products, Antex offers accessories and solder stations to add even more convenience when utilizing their products.

M.M. Newman Corporation's complete line of high-quality Antex products are available for use for countless industrial and electronic applications. Our line includes both miniature and standard size soldering irons, as well as a number of tips, stations and other iron accessories.

For more information, please download M.M. Newman Corporation's Antex soldering iron catalog, which contains a complete list of our soldering iron product line and accessories.

Hot Tools

Hot Tools

M.M. Newman Corporation's Hot Tools division manufactures a variety of high quality hot knives. Our Hot Tools line is comprised of products suited for specific, unique applications, such as cutting and sealing synthetic materials, woodburning and carving, furniture repair, hot tacking photos, removing archival tape or transferring foil letters onto a number of materials.

M.M. Newman Corporation's products are valuable pieces of equipment, designed to make certain applications simple and stress free. For example, our  heavy duty hot knife can easily cut materials like plastics, indoor and outdoor carpeting, awnings or gaskets. We also carry woodburning knives that are the ideal tool for a variety of woodworking applications. Our lacquer burn-in knife makes it easy to repair the damaged wood of furniture.

M.M. Newman also offers a variety of tips and accessories including a dial-temp controller and tool stand.

For more information on our Hot Tools line, please contact M.M. Newman Corporation today. 

PTFE Extruded Tubing

PTFE Tubing
Industrial Heavy Wall Tubing, AWG Sizes in Standard Wall and Thin Wall tubing. We offer PTFE extruded tubing in a wide range of sizes. Also available for custom quotes are FEP and PFA extruded Tubing.

FEP Corrugated Tubing and PTFE Convoluted Tubing

FEP Corrugated & PTFE Convoluted Tubing
FEP Corrugated and PTFE Convoluted tubing are ideal for handling corrosive liquids and gasses. They are available from 1/4" ID to 2" ID, and can be made with plain or cuffed ends

Heat Shring Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing
Two types of heat shrink tubing. 105 C PVC Heat Shrink UL-VW-1 Rated forms a smooth, tight fitting insulation for most applications with a high degree of flexibility. 135 C Flexible Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing with superior flame resistance and an outstanding balance of electrical, chemical and physical properties.