Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is widely used throughout many industries to protect & insulate wires & cables.

We supply two types of heat shrink tubing that will handle applications in all types of industrial as well as military applications.

PVC heat shrink tubing offers a high degree of flexibility and forms a smooth and tight-fitting insulation for most applications. It is resistant to most chemicals and oils, moisture, sunlight, and fungus. With a low shrink temperature of less than 200°F, this tubing offers exceptional dielectric and mechanical protection without damage to adjacent or enclosed components.

Flexible polyolefin heat shrink offers a superior flame resistance and an outstanding balance of electrical, chemical and physical properties. It is rated for up to 275°F of continuous operation and elevated temperatures to 572°F for short periods of time. It is suitable as a lightweight wire-harness covering, component packaging and as a fire-resistant covering.

This tubing meets industry standards and can be manufactured in clear as well as a number of standard colors. Custom hot stamp printing is also available to simplify identification.

Our heat shrink tubing products offer outstanding quality and reliability for a broad range of industries and applications. For high-quality products and exceptional customer service, contact us to learn more about our heat shrink tubing products.

We specialize in providing quality service and products, which is highlighted with our ISO 9001:2008 certification. From soldering irons, hot tools, spirally cut tubing, PTFE tubing and heat shrink tubing, M.M. Newman Corporation is a single-source solution for all your wire and cable protection needs.