Lacquer Burn-In Knife & Tips

The LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife is a furniture and woodwork repair tool for melting and smoothing lacquer sticks, formulated to match different shades of wood, into damaged surfaces.  The LK-1 is a lightweight, hand-held tool, about the size of an artist’s paintbrush, fitted with an 11/16” spatula tip that heats up to approximately 500⁰F in seconds. 

Lacquer sticks are sold separately and come in walnut, cherry, mahogany, light oak, dark oak, white and black to match most popular shades of wood.  The lacquer sticks can also be mixed together for additional color varieties.  The tool comes with an 11/16” spatula tip, and 3/16” and 7/16” tips are also available and sold separately.  The tips are easily changeable by sliding over the shaft when the tool is cool. 

Features that work: repairs any wooden finish, spatula tips available in three sizes, handle stays cool, heats up quickly, and there are 7 colors offered in lacquer sticks.