Archival Tape Remover & Tips

The Archival Tape Remover is designed to remove tape or labels from books or paper.  This tool will soften the adhesive from tape when heated. You can then use the sharpened spatula-shaped tip to get under the label or tape and peel it back. The Archival Tape Remover is lightweight with a comfortable wooden handle and will heat up in seconds.  The tool comes with an 11/16” wide spatula tip, and additional size tips of 3/16” and 7/16” can be purchased.  The tips can be easily changed by sliding the tip over the shaft when the tool is cool. 

You may want to use the Archival Tape Remover with our Dial-Temp (sold separately) so that you can lower the heat of the tool, so as not to scorch the paper or binding.

Features: removes tape or labels from paper, cleans up old books or archives, heats up quickly, and we offer tips available in 3 sizes.