Hot Tools Accessories

Our Hot Tools Stand provides a handy resting place for any of our tools. It allows for convenient usage and enhances safety when using our hot tools.  The tools will have a longer life if the tip is slightly angled up like in our stand as opposed to at a downward angle.    

Our Hot Tools Dial Temp features an easy-to-use dial on top to adjust tip temperatures from 150°F to full heat. The dial temp controller plugs into any grounded 115 VAC outlet and your tool plugs into the dial temp. It lets you set your own tip temperature.  The Dial Temp is compatible with any Soldering Iron or Tool ranging from 15 Watts to 1600 Watts.  This device is ideal for precision electronic assembly work on heat-sensitive components. It has a 3-prong plug and receptacle that you plug into any AC outlet and then plugs in the soldering Iron or Hot Tool.