Heavy Duty Hot Knife & Tips

The HK-60 Heavy Duty Hot Knife is essentially a type of soldering iron equipped with a double-edged blade. Powered by electricity, the blade is situated on a heating element that allows it to cut through materials more easily and leaving a beaded edge.  The HK-60 can reach temperatures of 900⁰F and can cut through any synthetic material less than half an inch thick.  It is the perfect tool for cutting and sealing synthetic materials with a neat beaded edge.  The beaded edge is created by melting the material as it cuts.  It is faster and safer than using a razor blade and it leaves a neater edge than scissors.  The tips are re-sharpenable and slide on directly over the heating element.  The Heavy Duty Hot Knife Tip comes with the purchase of the HK-60 Hot Knife. 

Hot Knives are commonly used in industrial settings.  The heated blade can cut out plastic parts, door seals, indoor/outdoor carpeting, awnings, ropes, gaskets, sails, webbing, canvas, parachute material, and many other materials.