Spiral Wrap Protects Air Hoses from Sharp Edges

Heli-Tube® Polyethylene spiral cut tubing wrap’s unique advantages are as numerous as the industries and applications it serves.

Within fabrication and welding shops, this double-duty spiral cut tubing wrap provides an economical, multi-faceted source of protection. While keeping pneumatic hoses organized, it doubles as a chafe guard, shielding and protecting hoses on hand tools from sharp metal edges.

Both lightweight and flexible, Heli-Tube® spirally cut abrasion protector is an expandable, flexible plastic wrap that can easily be applied to air hoses on all types of hand tools, offering added protection against abrasion and sharp metal edges. While offering this added level of security, it will not interfere with the operation of right angle grinders, saws, drills and many other types of tools.

Polyethylene spiral cut tubing

While fully expandable, Heli-Tube® wrap comes in a wide range of sizes, from 1/8” to 1 ½” O.D., making it ideal for bundling and/or protecting a variety of tools and hoses. Additionally, it is completely unaffected by gasoline, oils, water and cleaning solutions.

This unique product conforms to Federal Spec. LP 390, MIL-P-21922 and A-A-59602. Available in a variety of colors, Heli-Tube® meets multiple needs with uncompromised quality. Please contact M.M. Newman Corporation today if you are interested in free samples or price quotations.

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