Woodburner & Tips

Woodburning is the delightful art of burning designs into wood also known as pyrography.  Introduced in 1978, the Hot Tools’ WB-1 Woodburner is regarded as the premier woodburner on the market today. The WB-1 is great for decoys, plaque art and gourds. This tool is ideal for world-class artists, as well as beginners and everyone in between.  Our WB-1 Woodburner features a lightweight, thin varnished wooden handle that stays cool because the heating element is directly under the tip. This tool reaches 800 °F in under two minutes and is available with a wide variety of specialty tips (sold separately). These tips let users burn fine lines and intricate details such as eyes, hair, dots and feathers.  In addition to the standard woodburning tip included with the tool, popular tips styles include needlepoint, round, button, and multi-groove tips. 

Features that work: great for woodburning and pyrography, handle stays cool, plus 13 specialty tips to choose from.