Sample Applications

UV-Resistant Black Polyethylene Spiral Wrap Resists Oils, Fuels & Sunlight

In addition to having a high abrasion resistance, UV-resistant, black Polyethylene spiral wrap has a number of other key benefits. Read more about UV-resistant black Polyethylene spiral wrap.

Spiral Wrap Protects Air Hoses from Sharp Edges

Heli-Tube® spirally cut Polyethylene wrap is a valuable addition to fabrication, welding and machine shops. Learn how M.M. Newman Corporation’s spiral wrap can be used in conjunction with a variety of hand tools and machinery.

Spiral Wrap Creates Temporary Safety Identifiers

Heli-Tube® spiral plastic wrap is available in a variety of bright colors, making it a quick and easy-to-install solution, should an item or area need to be marked for a potential safety hazard. Learn more.

Hot Knife Simplifies Laying Outdoor Carpeting

Our Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife is ideal for cutting and sealing outdoor carpeting—and ensures clean, fast installations. Learn why M.M. Newman Corporation’s Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife is a better alternative to scissors or razor blades.

Hot Knife Cuts Expandable Sleeves

The Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife takes less than two minutes to heat up to 900° F, making it valuable for cutting woven, expandable, plastic sleeves. Read about our Hot Tools HK-60 hot knife, an industrial-grade tool ideal for jobs with repetitive cutting.