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Spiral Cable Wrap for Computer Wires

Picture this: a crowded office or workspace, filled with computers, overwhelmed by cluttered computer wires and cables. Sound familiar? And the more computers you have, the more cluttered wires you have. This is not only dangerous—increasing the chances for trips and injuries—but also hazardous to your systems and your workflow. It’s also very unsightly. In […]


2 Major Trends in Manufacturing Right Now

If it seems like there are new trends in manufacturing emerging daily, that’s because there are. Like trends in any industry, some will last and some will not, depending on their viability, their concrete potential, and their cost-effectiveness—among other factors. Some of the trends in manufacturing at present include 3D Printing, automation and robotics, and […]


4 Ways to Ensure Safety in the Shop

In a manufacturing facility or machine shop, one accident or injury is one too many. The most important goal of any facility owner is to keep workers safe. And a safe workplace means happier employees, a better reputation, less downtime, and higher productivity. There are many specific ways of ensuring safety in a machine shop […]


Automation and Manufacturing: A Partnership in Technology

Automation: It’s one of the biggest trends in manufacturing these days, and a perfect example of the ways the industry is making the most of cutting edge technology. From small businesses using it to enhance efficiency and boost profitability, to giants such as Boeing who are investing $1.2 billion in automation*, it’s happening all over […]


Reshoring America’s Manufacturing Sector

Reshoring. It’s a term that has been thrown around a lot lately, but what does it mean for American manufacturers? During the Great Recession and over the past decade many companies outsourced operations overseas or shut their doors altogether, resulting in the loss of 2.3 million manufacturing jobs. A recent Forbes article sheds light on […]

rohs compliant

Our Cable Wrap is RoHS Compliant! (Wait…What is RoHS?)

You may have come across the term in some industrial settings, but what is RoHS and when does it apply? RoHS is the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive that became a law in the United Kingdom in January 2013. RoHS stands for “Removal of Hazardous Substances.” […]

Will Boeing Bounce Back?

Boeing has not had an easy time of it lately, but that does not mean the aerospace giant isn’t making a comeback. Earlier this year, battery issues grounded an entire fleet of 787 Dreamliners when an All Nippon Airways flight out of Japan caught fire. The Federal Aviation Administration grounded all Dreamliner flights for four […]

Why Manufacturing Still Matters

A simple internet search for manufacturing can produce dizzying results full of articles arguing for and against an industrial renaissance in the United States. It can be difficult to determine what all of the indexes and data really mean when it comes to the health of American manufacturing businesses. The latest reports show growth in […]

What is a Hot Knife?

When cutting certain materials, it can seem just about impossible to keep the edges from fraying and splitting. Sailcloth, carpet, rope, and webbing can be particularly troublesome when it comes to getting a clean, sealed edge. The solution was to develop a tool that cuts and seals with a beaded edge to help you achieve […]

How To Properly Wrap Cables

Ever look under your desk at the overwhelming jungle of cables and wires? There’s an easy and effective way to keep those cables organized, protected, and aesthetically pleasing. Cable wrap is a great way to bundle wires, cables, hoses, and tubing in a firm, but flexible manner. It’s simply not safe to have wires and […]