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Spiral Wrap

How Should Spiral Wrap Be Applied?

Considering protecting or organizing your wires or cables and wondering how should spiral wrap be applied? It’s a good question. Heli-Tube® Spiral Cable Wrap is ideal for organizing wires, cables, and hoses into a bundle and is easily applied. The RoHS-compliant spirally cut cable wrap offers a substantial degree of flexibility and versatility for protecting […]

Spiral Cable Wrap

M.M. Newman Corporation’s New Video Demonstrates Features & Benefits of Spiral Cable Wrap

Stray wires, cables and hoses can cause stoppages and even accidents that result in direct financial consequences for your company. Such negative impacts also create a ripple effect on your business, such as loss of customer loyalty if projects are delayed, lost business opportunities and a damaged reputation. Spiral cable wrap ensures organized, maintained equipment […]

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Find the Exact Product for Your Application in Our New Catalogs

Any industrial manufacturer can attest to the importance of high-quality tooling and accessories. With the sheer amount of related products to choose from, OEMs and engineers often have difficulty finding suitable products for their applications. At M.M. Newman Corporation, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Our expertise is not limited to our assortment […]


4 Key Ways to Achieve Innovation

According to Webster, the definition of innovation is “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.” This word is being paired with manufacturing a lot these days because the industry is doing just that—collectively coming up with solutions, technologies, and products that are driving change and making things better. But it’s not just […]

Spiral Cable Wrap ebook

How to Avoid Downtime with Spiral Cable Wrap

Unplanned downtime is a dreaded phrase for any business. Modern manufacturers push their equipment to full capacity to ensure they get ahead and stay ahead. Breakdowns, equipment failures, electrical issues, and unplanned downtime cause costs to skyrocket and production to come to a screeching halt. Add in losing the confidence of your customers, and you have […]

Spiral Wrap eBook

The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application

Today’s business landscape is complex, highly technical and extremely advanced—in short, it’s more exciting than ever. This also means that most businesses, whether a large electronics manufacturer or a small home business, invest a great deal of time and money in technology. No matter what the specific company, what they all have in common is […]

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Spiral Cable Wrap for Computer Wires

Picture this: a crowded office or workspace, filled with computers, overwhelmed by cluttered computer wires and cables. Sound familiar? And the more computers you have, the more cluttered wires you have. This is not only dangerous—increasing the chances for trips and injuries—but also hazardous to your systems and your workflow. It’s also very unsightly. In […]


2 Major Trends in Manufacturing Right Now

If it seems like there are new trends in manufacturing emerging daily, that’s because there are. Like trends in any industry, some will last and some will not, depending on their viability, their concrete potential, and their cost-effectiveness—among other factors. Some of the trends in manufacturing at present include 3D Printing, automation and robotics, and […]


4 Ways to Ensure Safety in the Shop

In a manufacturing facility or machine shop, one accident or injury is one too many. The most important goal of any facility owner is to keep workers safe. And a safe workplace means happier employees, a better reputation, less downtime, and higher productivity. There are many specific ways of ensuring safety in a machine shop […]


Automation and Manufacturing: A Partnership in Technology

Automation: It’s one of the biggest trends in manufacturing these days, and a perfect example of the ways the industry is making the most of cutting edge technology. From small businesses using it to enhance efficiency and boost profitability, to giants such as Boeing who are investing $1.2 billion in automation*, it’s happening all over […]