Best Industrial Hot Knife – HK-60

Heavy Duty Hot Knife HK-60

An industrial hot knife is an easy-to-use tool that features a heated blade used to form and trim synthetic material. It’s a common tool used for hobbies and crafts and also in laboratories, kitchens and industrial workshops. An industrial hot knife also helps make seamless edges on items like carpets, sailcloth, webbing or rope.

Unlike tools like utility knives, scissors or rotary cutters, an industrial hot knife cuts cleanly, sealing edges so that they don’t become frayed and unravel. By melting synthetic fibers precisely, the industrial hot knife makes exact cuts that fuse edges to create a professional-looking installation. The HK-60 made by M.M. Newman Corporation is considered by many the best industrial hot knife currently on the market. Read on to find out more.

HK-60 Industrial Hot Knife Features, Functions & Uses 

The HK-60 industrial hot knife cuts materials up to .625 inch (about 1.6 cm) thick. The industrial hot knife’s 60-watt heating element, located at the tool’s tip, heats up to 900˚F (482˚C) in less than two minutes. Functioning at 115 volts, the HK-60’s 10-inch (25.4 cm) length and 64-inch (about 1.6 m) power cord gives the operator plenty of room to maneuver the tool.

Its varnished, 4.75-inch (just over 12 cm) long wood handle tapers from a diameter of 1.25 inches at the knife’s front, with a 1.5-inch (around 3.8 cm) long strain relief. The HK-60’s shaft measures .26 of an inch (about 6.6 mm) by .4375 of an inch (about 11.1 mm), and the industrial hot knife’s tips have an outside diameter of .375 of an inch (around 9.5 mm) by 2.375 inches (just over 6 cm) long.  


The HK-60 is perfect for creating neat beaded edges on synthetic materials, sealing them by melting the material as it cuts.

Applications include cutting: 

  • Awnings
  • Canvas Bimini tops for boats
  • Indoor and outdoor carpets and rugs
  • Insulation
  • Netting for sports goals and safety nets
  • Padding
  • Parachuting and hang glider materials
  • Rubber and synthetic gaskets
  • Sailcloth
  • Woven plastic sleeves

The HK-60 industrial hot knife has many other uses as well. It can be used for outdoor carpeting on decks, shaping the carpet so its edges aren’t frayed. The HK-60 can also be used for upholstery repairs, or even to cut down pads for hockey goaltenders. This versatile hot knife can even be used by golf aficionados to cut holes and edging to make synthetic putting greens.

What Sets the HK-60 Hot Knife Apart?

The HK-60 hot knife is one of the most versatile hot tools available. Cutting more quickly and safely than a razor blade or knife, it also largely eliminates the need to press down while cutting, leaving a neater edge than a pair of scissors. By creating a beaded edge, the HK-60 prevents edges from fraying, and its lightweight and compact design make it particularly easy to use.

The HK-60 also takes under two minutes to heat to a sufficiently high temperature. Meanwhile, the HK-60 industrial hot knife’s heating element is covered by a tapered, ergonomically-designed wooden handle that remains cool as it heats, regardless of how hot it gets. Positioned directly over the element, the knife’s double-edged blade is .06 inches (about 1.5 mm) thick, requiring hardly any pressure to make a clean cut. Able to cut consistently, the HK-60 is perfect for the repetitive splicing actions often required during production.   The HK-60 also comes with a heavy-duty tip, with optional blank tips available for those who wish to machine their own customized tips. These tips slide on and can be resharpened, and come easily on or off the knife’s heating element once cooled. Along with the HK-60 industrial hot knife, M.M. Newman Corporation offers a full range of hot tools.