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How To Properly Wrap Cables

Ever look under your desk at the overwhelming jungle of cables and wires? There’s an easy and effective way to keep those cables organized, protected, and aesthetically pleasing. Cable wrap is a great way to bundle wires, cables, hoses, and tubing in a firm, but flexible manner. It’s simply not safe to have wires and […]

spirally cut tubing

The Scoop on Spiral Cable Wrap: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

As the leading manufacturer of spiral cable wrap in the industry, we have been faced with many challenges over the years. In business since 1956, our expertise has helped numerous customers safely secure cables, wires, and hoses in a wide variety of industries. It is our business to help your business so turn to M.M. […]

M.M. Newman Corporation: We Know Spiral Cable Wraps…And Other Useful Things!

Welcome to our blog!  We will be posting frequently, so please come back to read our latest insights on the industries that we serve, updates on our company and products, as well as other thoughts on topics important to our customers and suppliers.  Before we begin, we’d like to provide an overview of who we […]