Standard Soldering Iron Tips

Series 180 & 50 for Models CS, TC50A, XS and MLXS

Series 180 Tips and Series 50 Tips are available for the Standard Size Antex Soldering Irons.

 The Series 180 Tips are for the Models CS, TCS, SD and TC50A.  These tips are designed for .0178” heating element shafts and slide on easily directly over the heating element.  These tips are Iron Plated and will heat up rapidly, and are ideal for extended wear.  The tip diameter of the Series 180 ranges from .025” to .250”, and they come in Spade and Chisel shapes.  

The Series 50 Tips are for Models XS and MLXS-12.  These tips have the same features as the Series 180 Tips but have an even heavier wall for extra heavy-duty soldering applications.  The Series 50 Tips are also Iron Plated.  The tip diameter of the Series 50 ranges from .020” to .187” and is also available in Spade and Chisel shapes.