Soldering Accessories

M.M. Newman Corporation offers soldering accessories that improve soldering techniques and offer conveniences to aid the user. The Dial Temp Soldering Iron Controller plugs into an outlet and allows the user to control the temperature.  The Dial Temp will adjust the tip temperature from as low as 150ºF to the highest heat.  This is ideal for heat-sensitive components. 

There is a Soldering Iron Stand available that will accommodate our Miniature Soldering Irons or our Standard Soldering Irons.  The ST-4 Stand features a spring holder that will accept all Antex Miniature Soldering Irons and provides sufficient air flow to rapidly dissipate heat.  The ST-6 Stand will accommodate Antex Standard Size Soldering Irons.  It is made of non-charring plastic and has a generous size sponge with a center hole for collecting excess dross.