Miniature Soldering Iron Tips

Series 140 Soldering Iron Tips for Models M, C, G, and TC25A Miniature Soldering Irons

These soldering iron tips are made from a special copper alloy giving them maximum strength at high temperatures and maximum heat conductivity for rapid heat up and recovery times. Featuring multilayer construction, they have a nickel plating for easy wetting and a long shelf life.

We also offer premium iron-plated tips for extra long life. Iron plating protects the copper from the solder and then the entire tip is nickel plated. Pre-tinned, gold plated, reshapeable, nickel-plated, and bare copper tips are also available.

All of our tips easily slide-on over the heating element. There are no set screws to freeze or threads to bind. To change tips, simply remove your old tip and slide the new one on.

Dimensions are before plating. For Iron Plated tips, add 0.010″ to the tip diameter. If you don’t find the tip you need here, give us a call. We’re in business to make you more productive.