Protect Instrument Wires & Tubes with PTFE Spiral Wrap Tubing

PTFE Spiral Wrap Tubing

Spiral wrap tubing can ease the organizational challenges that companies, businesses, and industries are confronted with when wires, cables, and hoses become exposed or just a jumbled mishmash. Tangled heaps of wires in an office space or worksite may not be due to a lack of foresight in design, but a work in progress. Cables dangling from a robotic arm or hanging from a ceiling panel may be a welcome sign of expansion, but sudden growth, relocation, or renovation may result in unsightly strands, cabling and wires that are in need of cable management.

The management of routing cables and networks in factories, plants, manufacturing centers, warehouses, and industrial settings is paramount to production, maintenance, safety, and other obstacles that could lead to downtime. The prime challenge for cabling and wiring in any industrial situation or in manufacturing applications is to organize them in order to limit damage, wear, and abrasion, for safety, and also to provide access for maintenance.

Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap manufactured with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) offers bundling solutions to meet the challenges that all industrial environments face.

PTFE is a familiar synthetic polymer and consists of carbon and fluorine. The polymerization of many tetrafluoroethylene molecules creates the fluoropolymer used in countless industrial and household applications. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemical, agriculture, telecom, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more choose PTFE for the mechanical properties that it offers.

PTFE is a flexible, non-adhesive, wear-resistant, versatile material. It is chemically inert, offers exceptional thermal resistance, is near insoluble to most solvents and chemicals, has non-conductive properties, and performs in a temperature range of between -450 degrees F to +500 degrees F. Its durable, corrosion-resistant properties offer many advantages to industries and in the products they manufacture.

Spiral wrap tubing made with PTFE material provides greater resistance to the exposure in harsh industrial environments. It offers greater resistance to temperature extremes than other polymer spiral wraps made of polyethylene or nylon. PTFE is the best material choice for bundling wherever cabling, wiring, hoses, equipment, and instruments are in a work environment exposed to chemical, electrical, corrosive elements.

Durable and resilient, PTFE can be used to protect wiring and cabling for medical applications and devices, too. Petrochemical and oil and gas industries would benefit from spiral wrap tubing made of PTFE to withstand corrosive materials and harsh solvents, extreme temperatures, gas diffusion and pressure during drilling, and transportation.

The Best Protection for Instrument Wires and Tubes
Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap manufactured with PTFE is an excellent bundling solution where high-performance requirements are needed. Its aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design accommodates forward or reverse-cut spiral wrapping applications. Apply the wrap as you would electrical tape and run a bundle anywhere. It allows for easy access to troubleshooting and maintenance.

Whether moving or growing, renovating or remodeling, identify a cable and branch out individual tubing where needed, or re-wrap what you have—the non-adhesive Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap is reusable.

Cable management can present many challenges in any work environment. Exposed wires and cables are unruly and prone to damage. Preserving the quality of cable and wires benefit from wire protection and organization—protecting them from exposure or damage caused by wear and abrasion, chemicals and solvents, constant vibration, foot traffic, heavy equipment, and temperature fluctuation is better served with Heli-Tube® PTFE spiral cable wrap. Its exceptional mechanical properties combined with many advantageous features makes it the perfect cabling solution for your company.