Heli-Tube® Spiral Wrap & Abrasion Protector

Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap is a revolutionary, highly versatile product.

Spiral Cable Wrap
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This spiral cable wrap, which is made in the U.S.A., makes quick and easy work of organizing wires, cables, and hoses for an unlimited number of applications—and also enhances protection to hoses, wires, and tubing by providing an additional layer that can resist abrasion.

Spiral wrap is a uniquely manufactured product constructed from Polyethylene, Fire-Resistant Polyethylene, Nylon or PTFE. Material choice is determined by your application requirements, but all spiral wrap features a precise angular cut for expanding and wrapping around wires and cables.

For tough environmental situations, we offer Heli-Tube® spiral wrap materials that can withstand harsh or corrosive conditions. For example, our UV-Resistant Black Polyethylene spiral wrap is ideal for outdoor use in direct sunlight and is resistant to saltwater, oils, fuels, and detergents. Our spiral wrap products, which are RoHS-compliant, offer complete organization of cables, while still permitting breakouts in any direction.

Available as forward or reverse cut, we can manufacture spiral wrap to match the pitch, diameter, wall thickness, color, length, material, and packaging to meet your very precise application requirements.

No tools are required for installation. Applying the wrap is as easy as applying a tape product; however, Heli-Tube® is easily removable and reusable.

spirally cut tubingSpiral wrap offers numerous benefits—and we manufacture the largest range of spiral wrap materials, sizes, and colors on the market today. For organizing wires, hoses and tubing; protecting high-pressure hoses; or for decorating a variety of consumer-oriented products, Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is an extremely valuable product that is widely used in all types of business and industrial environments. We have a large inventory of Heli-Tube® spiral wrap and can ship your order immediately.

For more information on our Heli-Tube® spiral wrap, we encourage you to view our eBook, The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application. For a complete listing of our spiral wrap products, please check out our spiral wrap eCatalog.