Heli-Tube® Cable Wrap: 6 Features That Stand Out

Heli-Tube® Cable Wrap

Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is an innovative, versatile spiral tubing that is designed to protect and organize cables, wires, and hoses. Whether in a home office or large manufacturing plant, Heli-Tube® cable wrap offers abrasion resistance adds a layer of protection from the hazards that exposed wires, hoses, and tubing pose. With its nearly unlimited applications, the reusable, expandable plastic cable harness enhances the organization of bundles while maintaining form and efficiency. Here are six features that make Heli-Tube® from M.M. Newman Corporation stand out as the premier spiral wrap and abrasion protector on the market.

1. Multipurpose With Numerous Benefits

Heli-Tube® is protective, expandable spiral tubing that holds cables, wires, tubing, and hoses together firmly, without stress or tension, and allows unlimited flexibility of the line. It is functional and decorative, and wraps as simply as tape around lines and cables. Unlike tape, it can be reapplied and reused time and time again. The wrap also adapts easily to accommodate breakout wires and cabling in any orientation, allowing for efficient routing or rerouting lines where needed.

Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap offers solutions for various industrial applications. It’s ideal for clamping bundles around robotic components and industrial standoffs. Spiral wrap provides protection from the abrasive conditions and hazards that are often found in and around assembly lines, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. In industrial environments and offices alike, spiral cable wrap works to organize, insulate, dampen vibration, and prevent accidents in the workplace. Also, certificates of conformance and certifications to various applicable military specifications can be provided on request.

2. Wide Variety of Materials and Sizes

M. M. Newman Corporation offers Heli-Tube® spiral wrap in a variety of materials and sizes.
Heli-Tube® is available in four different thermoplastic materials—polyethylene, fire-resistant polyethylene, nylon, and polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE—suited to meet the design requirements that best fit the application. Each material offers varying degrees of performance, flexibility, and protection.


Polyethylene is well-known for its mechanical properties such as its light-weight, strength, density, durability, chemical and corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. As a general application for Heli-Tube® it can be applied around heavy equipment commonly found in manufacturing plants, or for use in commercial electronics in the home, office, or small business.

Fire-Resistant Polyethylene

Fire-Resistant Polyethylene is a fire retardant thermoplastic with self-extinguishing properties. It holds the same mechanical and performance properties of regular polyethylene, but with the added benefit of offering an added measure of fire resistance where such applications are necessary.


Nylon is tough, durable, abrasion resistant, and non-toxic. Its lightweight characteristics make it easy to wrap or manipulate bundles by hand or machine. It can withstand temperatures of up to 250 F (121 C) and is well-suited for bundling applications in enclosed, high-temperature environments such as electrical panels and cabinets, and under vehicle hoods.


PTFE is well-suited for both high and low-temperature environments. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -450 F to 500 F. It is non-flammable, and is chemically resistant to all common solvents including acids and bases. PTFE is perfect for protecting wires and cables, and withstand the high-heat application associated with automotive, military and aerospace industries.

Heli-Tube® comes in a number of materials, sizes, and colors to meet your bundling and organizational needs. Depending on the material selected, the Outside Diameter (O.D.) of Heli-Tube® runs from 1/16” (.062) to 1.5”.

3. Extensive Color Options

Color options are available for those bundling applications that require identification or for decorative purposes. Many cabling and wire identification standards rely on color coding. Specific colors can also identify each bundle’s function and breakout junctions or standoff areas.

Colors available include:

  • Natural
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink (day-glow)
  • Green (regular and day-glow)
  • Yellow (regular and day-glow)
  • Orange (regular and day-glow)

4. No Tools Required for Installation

One of the prime benefits of spiral cable wrap is the easy installation of the product. No tools are required for bundling; simply wrap the spirally cut tubing around wiring or cabling to the desired length.

Heli-Tube® is a non-permanent, reusable product that can be installed or removed from bundles when needed. This allows for routine maintenance or repairs along a bundle, which is cost-effective and quick.

5. UL-Listed Control Standards

At M.M. Newman Corporation, we understand companies want the best products available, which is why our spiral wrap meets Underwriters Laboratory control standards. UL is a world leader in issuing safety standards and certifications. Search for our UL file card number E83405 (M) at the UL website for additional information.

6. Made in the USA

M.M. Newman Corporation’s spiral wrap is manufactured right here in the USA. We are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company (Certificate Reg. No: C2018-00027).

Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is the ideal managing tool to collect multiple wires, cables, hoses, and like tubing into one easy bundle. With its numerous benefits, the multipurpose, multifaceted spiral wrap is designed to meet the many organizational and operational cabling needs for individuals, businesses, and industries in need of bundling solutions. If you have questions about customizing our products to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to learn more!