5 Benefits of Spirally Cut Tubing

Spirally Cut Tubing

There’s no arguing that a tangled rat’s nest of wiring is an unsightly distraction and potentially hazardous mess in any workspace. Fortunately, there is a solution and it has many benefits—spirally cut tubing. Heli-Tube® is a spiral wire and cable wrap used to bundle and organize the most complicated cable and wire arrangements. It can be used any place where wire can easily get tangled up into an ugly mess. An expanding workspace or work area is especially vulnerable to haphazard wire arrangements.

Here are 5 benefits of spirally cut tubing to consider:

1. Color Coding

In any type of industrial environment, whether setting up an HVAC system or a local area network, etc., where extensive wiring or a cable system is installed, color cable is essential for easy access and identification. Spirally cut tubing is manufactured in numerous colors to allow easy identification of bundled components. You can also apply colored wraps to match the color codes of the wires or cables. This allows for easy access whenever changes or repairs are necessary.

2. Maintenance and Troubleshooting Solutions

Any wiring or cable system will undergo maintenance, routine or necessary, at some point in its service life. Spirally cut tubing is the solution that allows for any kind of later maintenance or troubleshooting. Workspace allocation or expansion may require rerouting of cables or wires. A single wire may have frayed and it will need to be found and replaced. In either instance, traditional bundle arrangements are difficult to troubleshoot and require a complete disconnect or disassembly of the components for maintenance or upgrades. Spiral cut Heli-Tube® will save you time and money by allowing for the breakout of multiple components for re-routing or replacement within the bundle.

3. Safety Features

Wire and cable management is important and necessary for a safe work environment. Tripping over wires can lead to minor or even serious injuries of employees, staff, visitors, or customers. This, in turn, is costly in many familiar ways—hospital bills, potential legal costs, an increase in insurance premiums, etc. Prevent such hazards by wrapping or securing your cables and wires in spirally cut tubing and then reroute away from busy foot traffic.

4. Wear Prevention

Wrapping wires and cables in spiral wire wrap is a sure way to limit and prevent any premature wear to your bundled components. Damage, deterioration, abrasion, and fraying are all hazards that wire and cable are exposed to in business, industrial and commercial environments. Spiral wrap is an excellent preventive measure to ensure a long service life for wires and cable, and to limit any unwanted maintenance that can lead to costly downtime.

5. Durable, Organizational Tool

As an organizational tool, spirally cut tubing is a versatile, flexible and durable solution to bundle components. Messy cables and tangled wires can be easily managed by the spirally cut wrap. It is reusable and can be applied and reapplied to multiple applications when needed. 

Computers and computer networks, communication lines, automated production lines, engine compartments, among other such places, are all spaces where wire and cable management are necessary. It’s pretty easy to understand the many benefits of spiral wire wrap for arranging and organizing wires. Whether in an office building, warehouse, engine, retail space or industrial setting, wherever extensive wiring can be found, there are benefits to using spirally cut tubing as the best solution to your wiring and cabling needs.

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