PTFE Conduit Protects Wiring, Transports Fluids

A full line of extruded PTFE tubing, offered in various configurations for protecting wiring or transporting fluids in critical applications, is available from M.M. Newman Corporation of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

FEP Corrugated TubingM.M. Newman’s extruded PTFE tubing is an ideal conduit for protecting wiring in harsh environments and transporting fluids where a chemically inert and non-flammable material is required. Featuring plain, corrugated and convoluted styles, this product is available extruded from PTFE, FEP and PFA to achieve varying degrees of flexibility and kink-resistance.

Suitable for automation, instrumentation, and laboratory equipment, M. M. Newman Corporation’s extruded PTFE tubing is unaffected by most chemicals and corrosive media, and operations over a -450°F to 500°F range. Plain sizes are offered from .010″ to 1.25″ I.D. with varying wall thickness and corrugated and convoluted types come in 0.25″ to 3″ I.D. sizes with plain or cuffed ends.