Hydraulic Hose Protector: PTFE Spiral Wrap Prevents Chafing

A line of PTFE spiral wrap that can be installed over braided hydraulic hose for added protection where the potential for abrasion could cause leakage is available from M.M. Newman Corporation of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

PTFE Spiral WrapHeli-Tube® PTFE spiral wrap applies like tape around braided hydraulic hoses to prevent chafing which can puncture the wall to cause leaks and equipment failure. Chemically inert and nonflammable, this PTFE wrap is available in a full range of sizes up to 1″ O.D. to fit over hoses or bundles up to 5″ O.D. and can be installed by hand without tools.

Suitable for protecting hoses on aviation, off-road and industrial equipment, Heli-Tube® PTFE spiral wrap is UL recognized and meets ASTM Spec. Taber D 1044 for abrasion resistance and ASTM-D-3295 and MIL-T-4728A Type 1 specifications. It operates from -450°F to 500°F.

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