Video: Features & Benefits of Spiral Cable Wrap

M.M. Newman Corporation's New Video Demonstrates Features & Benefits of Spiral Cable Wrap

Stray wires, cables and hoses can cause stoppages and even accidents that result in direct financial consequences for your company. Such negative impacts also create a ripple effect on your business, such as loss of customer loyalty if projects are delayed, lost business opportunities and a damaged reputation.

Spiral cable wrap ensures organized, maintained equipment connections so production can continue at a smooth and safe pace. Spiral wrap’s ability to resist abrasion provides enhanced protection to wires, cables and hoses, and can withstand vibration, temperature extremes and corrosive atmospheres.

Best of all, spiral wrap is easy to install — no tools are required. See for yourself how spiral wrap can help your business improve operational capacity with M.M. Newman Corporation’s new video. The video also demonstrates the ease and versatility of spiral wrap’s installation, as well as its many uses across different industries.

Play the video above to learn more about the benefits and features of spiral cable wrap. If you have any questions, feel free to contact M.M. Newman Corporation.