PTFE Tubing

PTFE Tubing

Come to M.M. Newman Corporation for high-quality Teflon tubing you can count on to protect wires, hoses, cables, and fluids. PTFE, more commonly known as Teflon, is a fluorocarbon solid. Our customers prize it for its hydrophobic, nonreactive, temperature-resistant, and lubricious properties.

We’ve been in the business since 1956 and understand what our customers in fields ranging from industrial manufacturing to pharmaceutical development need. If you’re searching for a high-quality, durable tubing solution, consider Teflon spiral wrap tubing from M.M. Newman Corporation. Request more information today.

What Is Teflon Tubing?

Teflon is a brand name created by Chemours. Households across America recognize the term associated with nonstick pan coatings, but other businesses use synthetic fluoropolymer in a number of different applications. PTFE can withstand temperatures as low as -450°F and as high as 500°F. Liquids roll off the material, and it doesn’t react to chemicals. It’s simple to clean and commonly used in medical applications for its biocompatibility (compatibility with the human body).

Teflon tubing transforms the material into a conduit, most commonly used for fluid transmission. At M.M. Newman Corporation, we provide Teflon tubing in a variety of sizes and configurations to deliver the ultimate flexibility and convenience to our customers who work with chemicals/liquids as well as those who need to protect wires, cables, and hoses in extreme environments.

Reasons to Choose Teflon Tubing Over Other Materials

Teflon spiral wrap tubing works better than polyethylene, nylon, and other materials in extreme or special circumstances. You might consider PTFE the Cadillac of synthetic polymers. Some of the most common reasons for choosing PTFE over other materials include:

  • Heat resistance. When the temperature rises in industrial settings, some polymers will not last. They can melt or warp and make messes for maintenance and operating crews. If you expect the heat inside or outside the tube to rise, consider PTFE for its ability to withstand extreme heat and cold.
  • Corrosion resistance. Various polymers will break down if they make contact with the wrong type of chemical. Instead of researching the specific corrosion resistance of common polymers such as polyethylene and polyamides, those who routinely work with chemicals prefer a more universal solution. Teflon tubing can withstand highly corrosive environments, making it ideal for a number of different chemical and hazardous environment applications.
  • PTFE tubing will not hold on to liquids like some other polymers. Think of the way oil and water bubble up on a nonstick pan. Teflon tubing works, in the same way, to improve tube performance and simplify the cleaning process. The right tubing materials provide protection for wires and cables in wet environments and facilitate flow rates when used for fluid transfer.
  • This tubing offers many desirable traits without sacrificing tube flexibility or durability. Our selection of PTFE tubing will perform well, bend easily, and last for years. If you’re searching for a better tube solution, consider the merits of Teflon tubing over the alternatives.

Let us know what you expect from your tubing solution, and we will help you find the right material and configuration for the job. The PTFE tubing we carry either meets or surpasses industry standards for quality including AMS 3653, AMS 3655, ASTM D 3295, and MIL-I-22129. M.M. Newman Corporation holds an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certificate to provide customers with peace of mind. When you partner with us for Teflon tubing, you can feel confident in the performance of your investment.

Explore Our Teflon Tubing Solutions

Our PTFE or Teflon tubing is available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and lengths for every imaginable application. Choose from light, thin, standard, and heavy-walled tubes. Depending on the application, one thickness may make more sense than another. For example, we often recommend standard, light, or thin tubes for wire and cable insulation. As the demands of the environment and the tube contents grow more extreme, we may suggest a more heavy-duty tube.

In addition to our sleek, plain-walled tubing, we offer PTFE convoluted tubing that bends easily and can operate in temperatures up to 450°F. Customers in medical, electrical, and automotive industries often request this form of Teflon spiral wrap tubing. Explore our custom-made PTFE convoluted tubing solutions.

For protective wire, hose, and cable wrapping applications, our engineers may recommend a PTFE wire wrap instead of a continuous tube. Our line of spiral wire wraps is simple to install and offers many of the same protective qualities as our continuous tube products. Consider PTFE wire wraps as added protection for cables and hoses placed in extreme environments.

When you shop around for a tubing solution, consider project demands. If you need help choosing the right product for your application, let us know. Our helpful team of engineers and customer service representatives has years of experience learning about product fit. With your specifications in hand, we can help you determine if a plain, convoluted, or wire-wrap solution makes the most sense. In some cases, we may suggest a different material or solution. Our goal is to give you the product that will best serve you today and tomorrow.

Order Teflon Tubing from M.M. Newman Corporation

If you’re tired of fighting with tubing solutions that break, crack, or complicate the cleaning process, consider something different. Teflon spiral wrap tubing provides the ultimate flexibility in most household and industrial applications. Prevent cross-contamination, protect wires and cables, and enjoy increased flexibility when you choose one of our PTFE-based solutions.

At M.M. Newman Corporation, our goal is to exceed your expectations for customer service and quality assurance. We are a U.S.-based manufacturing company focused on excellence in tubing and wrap applications. Beyond these focuses, we offer a complete line of industrial-quality hot tools. Our team chooses each product based on its performance and quality. We are the world-leading manufacturer for Heli-Tube® spiral wraps and the only importing agent of Antex miniature soldering irons and accessories. From durable PTFE tubing to colorful protective wraps, we do it all.

For more information on Teflon tubing call (800) 777-6309 or contact us today via our simple online form.