Superior Protection with Spiral Hose Wrap

PTFE Tubing

Consider a spiral hose wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation is your go-to solution for hose protection and organization. Whether you’re working with hydraulics, pneumatics, or chemical hoses, our company offers a spiral wrap solution designed with your needs in mind. Since 1956, we’ve maintained a reputation for excellence in tubing and protective materials. We’re the world-leading manufacturer of Heli-Tube® spiral wraps, and many of our customers appreciate the flexibility and strength of our hose wrap solutions. Find the right spiral hose wrap for your needs today.

The Best Spiral Hose Wrap in the Market

At M.M. Newman Corporation, we recognize that our customers’ needs vary. Two customers who specialize in materials handling products may express very different needs for their hydraulic hosing. Whether you need something to combine protective hoses into a protected and transportable bundle or to wrap a single hose for environmental protection, our team can help. From our most durable and lubricious PTFE (Teflon) wraps to our standard polyethylene spiral hose wrap, each material delivers cost-effective protection to keep your equipment up and running.

For pneumatics, hydraulics, and other hosing applications, our spiral hose wrap solutions decrease the likelihood of abrasions, tears, and leaks. Flexible enough for everyday use and durable enough for ongoing protection, you’ll appreciate the convenience of this sleek and user-friendly hose solution.

Choosing Your Spiral Hose Wrap

The various materials we use to create our spiral hose wrap line are polyethylene, including UV-resistant and fire-resistant varieties; nylon and UV-resistant nylon; and PTFE for its lubricity and non-reactive nature. Our products are available in diameters up to 1.5 inches, which can protect hosing and cables up to 10 inches in diameter. Choose different colors to code hosing and avoid costly maintenance mistakes.

Each wrap can accommodate both temporary and permanent applications. As a reusable product, you can separate and rearrange hoses as necessary. The product guard wraps more easily than tape without the sticky residue or permanence. It gives users easy access to the contained accessories for maintenance and monitoring. Keep a roll of spiral hose wrap on hand for hoses, cabling, and wire applications. If you’re not sure about the right spiral hose wrap, read more about benefits and applications in our ebook, “The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application.” For more personalized recommendations, we’re happy to help our customers choose the right sized wrap and material for the job at hand.

Get Started With Spiral Hose Wrap Today

If you’re tired of fighting with other hose housing solutions, give our spiral products a try. At M.M. Newman Corporation, we focus on customer satisfaction. Our products meet the most stringent standards for quality assurance and work well in industrial and general office applications. In addition to spiral hose wrap solutions, we specialize in extruded tubing, heat shrink tubing, and a full selection of industrial-quality hot tools.

We keep a large inventory of protective spiral wire in stock for fast shipping and can accommodate overnight requests with our just-in-time delivery programs. If you’re ready to learn more or if you want to place an order for a spiral hose wrap, give us a call at (800) 777-6309.

Why You Should Use a Spiral Hose Wrap

In any industry today, there is a great chance that you are using cables and hoses in your important business processes or operations. These valuable connectors play a key role in maintaining the smooth day-to-day operation of your company. A spiral hose wrap offers protection against rubbing and crushing of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, cables, and wires. It is necessary to have a high-quality and cost-efficient spiral hose wrap to safeguard your business tools and machine.

Spiral Hose Wrap Offer Increased Service Life: When you use a spiral hose wrap for your cables and tubes, you will gain an added layer of protection to these items. As a result, you can extend the service life of your wires and accessories. This can minimize your overhead expenses and potential production losses. You can also save a lot of time and effort from replacing the wired parts of your products and machinery.

Spiral Hose Wrap Offer Protection in Aggressive Environments: Wires and protective hoses can be sensitive and easily damaged when they are exposed to a harsh environment. However, this will not be the case if you enclose them with a hard-wearing spiral hose wrap. You can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are protected from elements such as chemicals and fire.

Spiral Hose Wrap Always Ensuring Safety in the Workplace: Using a spiral hose wrap for various cables and tubes in the workplace, especially within restricted areas, can guarantee you and your employees’ safety. This is because the different wires and connectors are not directly exposed but are wrapped in a safe material. A spiral hose wrap comes in different colors so you can implement a coding scheme for your cables. This will help you maintain a safe work environment and therefore avoid costly and even life-threatening accidents.

Neat and Organized Office Space: Aside from maintaining safety and minimizing expenses for your company, a spiral hose wrap can keep your office space tidy. You can organize cables in a neat bundle for a more polished look. This may seem like a simple benefit of using a spiral hose wrap, but an organized workspace can inspire meaningful productivity between employees.

Where to Use a Spiral Hose Wrap

A spiral hose wrap is a flexible product that can be used in a variety of applications. It may not be easily noticeable, but it can be found virtually anywhere. A spiral hose wrap is perfect for protecting wires and tubes of a simple office machine or heavy-duty equipment. Its resistance to chemical and mechanical hazards as well as harsh environmental elements makes a spiral hose wrap useful in many technical and complicated industries, including:

Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry has many processing equipment that need spiral hose products. It is a simple yet effective way of organizing and protecting cables and tubes. Seeing and distinguishing different wires will be easier and safer for the workers when these materials are bundled by type and color. This promotes safety and efficiency in the various processes in the workplace.

Construction: From material handling to maintenance work, spiral hose cables guard wires from rugged surface areas. Whether your construction work is indoor or outdoor, you will deal with a lot of cables. Since a construction project takes a long time, you should protect wires and cables with a spiral hose wrap for everyone’s safety.

Transportation: Different automotive machines consist of wires and tubes that must be protected by a spiral hose wrap. Aside from extending the service life of an automotive part or machine, repairing and maintaining it can be simpler for a technician if the cables are grouped accordingly using a spiral hose wrap.

Whether you are working in one of these industries or another field, you can be handling wires and hoses on a regular basis. Because of this, you need a top-notch spiral hose wrap from a trusted provider such as M.M. Newman Corporation to protect your valued assets, minimize your expenses, and grow your business.