Spiral Wrap Organizes Wire Bundles

Spiral Wrap

A full line of spiral wrap, a spirally cut plastic cable harness that neatly bundles wires and permits breakouts in any direction, is available from M.M. Newman Corporation of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Heli-Tube® cable wrap features a precise angular cut which allows it to expand and wrap around a bundle of wires to neatly organize them, while permitting breakouts in any direction. This product provides protection against abrasion, with greater flexibility than wiring duct, and can be applied without the use of any tools. It is available in a variety of materials and sizes.

Available in UV-resistant black Polyethylene, Polyethylene in colors, fire-resistant white and black Polyethylene, natural and black Nylon, and PTFE in natural and colors, Heli-Tube® spirally cut cable wrap can be supplied in seven sizes from 1/16″ to 1 ½” O.D. for wire bundles up to 10″ O.D.

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