PTFE Spiral Wrap Bundles and Protects Wiring in Laboratories

PTFE Spiral Wrap

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of Heli-Tube® PTFE spiral wrap, M.M. Newman Corporation offers a line of spirally cut PTFE cable wrap that comes in a variety of sizes for bundling and protecting a range of wiring and tubing.

Heli-Tube® is a versatile expandable wiring harness ideal for bundling and protecting wires, cables, and tubing in laboratories and harsh environments. Natural PTFE features the widest operating temperature range of any material we offer and is chemically inert, UV-resistant, and non-flammable, making it a safe option for the most demanding spiral cut tubing needs.

PTFE Spiral Wrap for Superior Performance and Reliability

Spiral wrap tubing is a good option for applications (not just in laboratory environments) that require reliable performance. Natural PTFE tubing wraps offer just that, as it wraps tightly to wire and cable. Below are a few benefits of using PTFE cable wrap as a bundle and abrasion protector:

  • It’s highly flexible for use with automated equipment or to bend around consoles and benches, this abrasion-resistant PTFE spiral wrap is chemically inert non-flammable and operates over a -450°F to 500°F range
  • It can be used as a chafe-guard to protect wiring and tubing that is routed through a chassis or a drilled hole and might run against metal edges.
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant and unaffected by most solvents making it perfect for indoor use.

Easy to apply without tools, Heli-Tube® PTFE spiral wrap comes in 10 sizes ranging from 1/16” to 1” outer diameter and is a UL recognized component making the product extremely versatile.

Why Choose Heli-Tube® PTFE Spiral Wrap?

M.M. Newman Corporations’s PTFE spiral wrap is a cost-effective solution for cable and wire harnessing needs in harsh environments. If you are not sure what kind of spiral wrap to use for your application, review our previous blog post 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Spiral Wrap Cable. For more information about Heli-Tube® cable wrap or about your project, contact us today.