Packaging Alternatives for Spiral Wrap Tubing Products

Spiral Wrap Identifiers

The benefits of M.M. Newman’s unique Heli-Tube® spiral wrap tubing is the preeminent method to manage multiple cables, wires, or hoses into a single bundle. The unique wrap offers bundling solutions that meet challenging organizational cable management systems and networks. The expandable plastic cable harness and abrasion protector serves as an all-purpose, multifunctional wrapping solution designed for any commercial and industrial environment.

Heli-Tube® spiral wrapping bands also maintain the flexibility of the bundle to allow a complete range of motion and easy access to systems for maintenance and upgrades. Cost-effective and a logical replacement to permanent wraps such as heat-shrinking or taping, Heli-Tube® spiral wrap tubing is easy to install and requires no tools at all. Simply wrap and bundle.

M.M. Newman’s Heli-Tube® Spiral Cable Tubing products can be supplied in pre-cut lengths and packaged to customer requirements. In order to fulfill logistical supply chains, we offer alternative packaging of products for our customers. Spiral cut tubing packaging includes:

Handy Payout Boxes
A payout box is specifically designed for filamentary products such as M.M. Newman’s spiral tubing. The cable wrap is wound in a coil inside of the box to retain the coil securely while utilizing the material space in an efficient manner. For easy access, the box is designed with a cut out for the spiral wrap to extend from a point outside of the box.

Spools are another organizational tool for spiral wrap tubing. The familiar bobbin, i.e., that center cylinder or reel with the external flanged rims, are widely used to bind all kinds of flexible materials such as wires, cables, tapes, and hoses. Spools are also utilized by M.M. Newman as an alternative packaging solution for spiral cable wraps. Our spools come with standard or custom labels.

For large orders, palletizing is a safe and stable means to ship products. Cartons of spools or payout boxes can be stacked and organized to maximize the amount of product in the load all the while stabilizing it to prevent the product from toppling or shifting. A palletized shipment is not only an effective means for transport, but can be utilized for storage upon arrival. Palletizing your order can also combine a number of products into a single load to be shipped as one unit.

Stretch Wrapping
Though self-explanatory, stretch wrapping of products and materials is an essential method of shipping large orders, particularly those that have been palletized. After products have been stacked, a wide roll of stretch film, sometimes referred to as pallet wrap or shrink wrap, is stretched and wrapped around the stacks and the base of the pallet. Once secured, your order is safe from shifting and toppling during shipment.

Industrial Bagging
M.M. Newman can provide special packaging requirements such as bagging for our customers who want pre-cut lengths of spiral wrap. Bulk bags can be specifically designed for packing large orders of pre-cut lengths for shipment. Bagging can be a convenient, effective, and reliable method of packaging some orders. Contact M.M. Newman for more information.

M.M. Newman’s Heli-Tube® Spiral Cable Tubing products offer organizational bundling solutions for all your cabling needs. Spiral wrapping ensures that cables, wires, and hoses are stabilized and secured, with protective abrasion resistance and ease of access for maintenance. Our organizational solutions are ideally suited for industrial electronics and control systems, electro-mechanical assemblies, robotics, automated manufacturing systems, various industrial applications, public utilities, office networking, and even home electronics. No other product neatly organizes and provides more protection for cabling than Heli-Tube® available in a variety of materials and sizes to meet your every need.