Key Benefits of Spiral Wire Wrap

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For non-spiral wires in control panels, vehicle electronics, and more, consider a spiral wire wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation. For more than half a century, our business has offered unparalleled manufacturing and supply services for businesses and individuals in search of the right protective wire, cable, and hose housings. We are the world leader in Heli-Tube® spiral wire wrap manufacturing, and we prioritize quality assurance and customer service on each order. Consider spiral wire wrap as an effective and flexible alternative to cables, ties, and hosing.

Tangled and non-color spiral wires can bog down an electrical system. Instead of accessing the right wire on sight, a technician may need to run the connection line to find the correct wire. Exposed and non-spiral products are unruly and prone to damage. While you could use heat shrink to create a cable, or tape or tie wires together, these solutions often create more obstacles down the line. Spiral wire wrap eliminates common complaints associated with spiral wire arrangements. If you’re searching for wire protection and organization, consider spiral wire wrap for its beneficial qualities including:

  • Run a bundle of wires anywhere with PTFE (Teflon), polyethylene, or a nylon wire wrap. The solution features a user-friendly design. Choose a forward or reverse cut to accommodate your spiral wrapping style and apply as you would electrical tape. The durable materials make a spiral wire wrap ideal as a reusable organization tool.
  • Other wire organization solutions completely hide cables from sight. While this may offer a sleek appearance, it can complicate maintenance and troubleshooting activities. Use a spiral wire wrap to identify a cable and branch out individual tubing as needed. With a variety of spiral wrap sizes available, you can wrap one wire or dozens in one seamless and convenient bundle.
  • Many of our customers buy our spiral wire wrap for solutions in heavy-duty industrial applications from military projects to aerospace engineering. Our selection of materials enables customers to find a wrap that works in basic indoor environments, outdoors, in the sweltering heat, and in corrosive and hazardous chemical environments. Our spiral cable wrap will not break down or flake off over time – quality assurance is one of our top priorities.

Retrofit your home with a complete sound system or optimize your in-home spiral cable wrap network. Protect the electrical system in vehicles, heavy equipment, or automated machinery with abrasion-resistant wrappings. No wire supplies job is too small or too large for our versatile spiral wire wrap line. Read more about the spiral wrap and customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Your Go-To Source for Spiral Wire Wrap

M.M. Newman Corporation offers a high-quality spiral wrap for products like hoses, cables, and tubing. We carry a complete line of plain and corrugated extruded tubing, hot tools, and heat shrink tubing. Create a protective, flexible, and organized environment for your products with a spiral wrap designed with your needs in mind. For industrial and household wire projects, come to the experts in wrapping and tubing manufacturing.

Our Massachusetts-based business is ISO 9001:2015 certified and 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Ask about our just-in-time delivery methods when you contact us for more information about our spiral wire wrap products. You can reach our team toll-free at (800) 777-6309.

Which Type of Spiral Wire Wrap You Should Use

While a spiral wire wrap offers universal benefits of protecting and organizing cables in many industries, it has different types that can suit specific business needs. From messy cable wires to tangled tubing inside your home or office, there is a perfect spiral wire wrap for it.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon: A spiral wire wrap made from PTFE material has great resistance to chemical and electrical elements as well as high temperature. It has the greatest resistance to temperature than polyethylene and a nylon wire wrap. Because of these characteristics, this type of spiral wire wrap is a perfect choice for products and tools that are located in a harsh environment. A spiral cable wrap is ideal for medical applications and devices that require durable material. In addition, the automotive industry also benefits from the use of a PTFE spiral wire wrap because it deals with corrosive materials and extreme temperatures. Similarly, the oil and gas supply companies need spiral wire wraps that can withstand gas diffusion and pressure during the drilling process.

Polyethylene: This type of spiral wire wrap is flexible and easy to use, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you need to organize wires at home, in your office, or at a construction site, this spiral wrapping material can suit your different needs. A spiral cable wrap is resistant to abrasion, so it can last for a long time. On top of these, a polyethylene spiral wire wrap comes at a more reasonable price than their PTFE or nylon counterparts.

Nylon: A spiral wire wrap made of nylon can operate in a wider temperature range compared with PTFE and polyethylene materials. Its self-extinguishing characteristic makes it safe to use because it slows down a combustion process before it causes any damage. Although a nylon spiral wire wrap is made of lightweight material, it is tough and durable. It can stand against abrasive elements in its surroundings.

Choosing the Right Tool for Spiral Wire Wrapping

Aside from knowing the different types of spiral wire wrap, the next important step is selecting the right tool for a specific task. This way you will not have a hard time completing the job, and you can get your desired results.

Manual Spiral Wire-Wrapping Tool: This type of tool is the cheapest and simplest among your options. A manual wire wrap tool looks like a regular screwdriver. You will need to twist it by hand to wrap or unwrap a spiral wire. This is perfect if you are using a spiral wire wrap for repair work. However, this tool is only ideal for completing less than 50 wrap operations in a day.

Mechanical Spiral Wire-Wrapping Tool: If you are scheduled to work on more than 50 wire wrap in a day, you will need this type of tool. This is recommended if you are handling projects in the electronics and telecommunications industries. Your spiral wire wrap will be cost-effective using this lightweight and durable tool.

Electrical Spiral Wire-Wrapping Tool: For installers and technicians with challenging tasks, you need an electrical wire protection tool that is more powerful and sophisticated than the manual and mechanical versions. Aside from achieving a high level of efficiency, you can trust an electrical tool to protect you from possible injuries. You can also work on a spiral wire wrap without suffering from stress because an electrical tool is easier to use. You can also save time significantly since you can finish more wire tasks with an electrical tool.

Having the basic knowledge when it comes to the types of spiral wire wrap can help you choose the right material for a particular task. It ensures your safety and the quality of your project. Along with this, you should also use the right wire supplies tool so that you can complete the job efficiently. To help you achieve this goal, find a trusted provider of spiral wire wraps and wire-wrapping tools. Get in touch with M.M. Newman Corporation today.