The Importance of Cable Management

Computer Cables

Wire and cable management is an important organizational tool for any office, facility, or industrial operation, large or small. Unsightly tangled masses of wires or cables draped from rafters or strewn in heaps across the office or factory floors can affect performance and productivity as much as present a hazard.

To meet the most challenging cable management requirements, M.M. Newman Corporation offers Heli-Tube® spiral wrap—the premier bundling solution on the market today. Designed for any commercial or industrial applications, Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is an expandable, multifunctional plastic spiral cable wrap that works as a harness, abrasion protector, and cable organizer.

Aesthetically, effective cable management can offer a visually stimulating and pleasing workspace in any industrial, institutional or business environment. By any measure, a clean, organized workplace supports productivity and production for employees. On a practical level, cable management is intended for much more than eye appeal. In an age of ever-expanding technology, cabling and wiring solutions are important for managing systems and networks, providing an organizational method that harnesses multiple cables, wires, or hoses into single bundles.

Cable management adds a measure of safety, maintains basic functionality and performance of systems, while also allowing for easy maintenance and servicing of those systems. Here are three important reasons how companies can benefit from Heli-Tube® spiral wrap for their cable management solutions.

Safety is at the top of the list for why companies implement cable management systems in offices and facilities. When wires or cables are left exposed they pose a safety hazard for personnel, customers, clients and visitors alike. Slip, trip and fall accidents can lead to serious injury and even lawsuits for negligence. Tripping over a cable can damage equipment, whether it’s ripping wires out of a robotic arm or pulling a computer off its workstation.

Wires and cables left haphazardly arranged are also subjected to constant abrasion that can result in premature wear, leading to unnecessary maintenance, repair and replacement costs. The biggest safety issue from exposed wires and cables is the increased risk of heat damage to electronic equipment and devices or even the possibility of a fire. Spikes and power surges through frayed cables and wires can cause permanent damage to sensitive electronic components or spark an electrical fire.

Performance Issues
In addition to maintenance, repair and replacement costs, or heat damage to sensitive electronic components, reduced production and performance can result from abrasion and premature wear due to poor cable management practices. Overheating can result in performance issues for equipment first, before their failure. Devices could slow or crash, hurting productivity. Tripping over cables can cause wires to come undone, shutting an entire network down.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Searching for a faulty connection within a mass of tangled or dangling wires hanging from a server or machinery can lead to hours of unnecessary downtime. Bundling cables and wires as an organizational tool allows for easier access to systems and networks in the event of troubleshooting or for routine maintenance and upgrades.

Whether in a manufacturing plant or data center, M.M. Newman Corporation’s Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is the optimal organizational tool for wire and cable systems that allows easy system access at any time for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Once organized, Heli-Tube® provides a complete range of motion for bundles. The availability of Heli-Tube® in many colors also lends itself well to color-coding cabling or wiring systems for even easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

As a non-adhesive, reusable and flexible cable wrap, Heli-Tube® is the bundling solution that companies and businesses turn to transform tangled mazes of jumbled wires and cables into efficient, organized systems. The unique spiral wrap, bundles and protects wires and cables in office or institutional networks, industrial control systems, mechanical and robotic assemblies, and other automated manufacturing systems. For safety, performance, and easy access to cable and wire systems, M.M. Newman Corporation’s Heli-Tube® spiral wrap serves the cable management requirements for all business and industrial environments.