How to Use Spiral Wrapping Bands for Cable Management

Spiral Wrapping Bands for Cable Management

Spiral wrapping bands offer organizational and protective bundling solutions for the most challenging cable management systems and networks. M.M. Newman’s unique Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is a multifunctional, all-purpose spirally cut plastic tubing cable wrap specifically designed to support cable management systems that are vital to any commercial and industrial environment. The management of cables, wires, hoses also allows for easier installation, and the subsequent identification and access of systems when necessary.

In commercial, business, and industrial settings, cabling and wiring are integral to the work environment. The performance of that system is only as good as the cable management system itself. It must offer a number of advantages and benefits that range from safety to everyday maintenance. The many benefits of spiral cable wraps begin with its simple and easy installation. Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is a spirally cut tubing that is wrapped by hand around the length of any group of cables or wires until bundled. There is no heat-shrink tubing, ties, or adhesive taping, and no tools are necessary. In fact, the Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is removable and reusable for multiple times and applications. It is not a permanent wrap.

In many ways, it is what makes Heli-Tube® spiral wrap unique, as it can be configured to any desired specifications. It is not a corrugated hose, but an actual wrap that is manufactured in a variety of materials with a number of mechanical properties to serve varied environmental conditions. It also comes in a number of diameters and is offered in a wide range of colors where color coding is necessary. Finally, there are two distinctive cuts as well, a forward and reverse spiral cut wrap that allows for right-handed or left-handed bundling applications.

The advantages of having multiple sizes and materials allow for any size cabling requirements, which includes any configuration of outside diameter (OD), wall thickness or pitch. Materials of varying synthetic polymers such as PTFE, polyethylene, and nylon, provide flexibility, performance, and mechanical properties designed to support diverse applications in any environment, including UV protection, flame and corrosion resistance, and functionality in extreme cold or heat temperatures.

Cable management must also provide a preventive organizational safety measure that protects people on worksites, employees and visitors alike, from injury or damage from tripping, stumbling or becoming entangled in loose bundles of wires. Spiral wrapping bands like M.M. Newman Corporation’s unique Heli-Tube® spiral wrap ensures that people avoid injury and that manufacturing and factory lines run smoothly without lines tangled or snagged on machinery components. Otherwise, the hazard is very real.

Too often, without implementing a cable management system, cables will become tangled, leading to wear and abrasion, or devices they are connecting to become unplugged or disconnected. The result is a heap of cabled spaghetti, inaccessible and difficult to maintain. Another benefit of spiral wrapping bands is that, as much as it protects people, it provides additional protection of sensitive cabling and wires from exposure to wear, chafing, and general daily abrasion. It can withstand vibration that could otherwise unplug or disconnect systems. Along with its performance in wide temperature extremes and corrosive atmospheres, the spirally cut wrap provides a measure of flexibility and freedom of movement necessary for the full range of motion of cables and wires without tension and stress. In short, spirally wrapped bands ensure that wires and cables are stable, organized and protected in all environments, and supported and held in place for upgrades, breakouts, maintenance or changes to the system.

Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is a unique and innovative spiral wrapping band that serves industrial sectors throughout the globe. It provides cable management to diverse commercial, business, and manufacturing areas such as automotive, aerospace, telecommunication, robotics and automation, marine, energy and industrial plants, computer data cabling, structured cabling, LAN cabling , and for networking systems such as those found in general offices, healthcare management, IT centers, tech support, financial centers and the like.

Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is the quintessential expandable, versatile cable harness manufactured in a wide array of colors, materials, and sizes to meet near endless application requirements of the users. Visit our products page to learn more about this versatile cable management solution. You can also download our catalog here.