Heli-Tube for the Marine Industry

Commercial Vessel

Tubing for marine applications is essential for bundling and protecting wires, cables, and hoses used at sea or in shore-based operations. As with any industry or commercial enterprise, land-based or at sea, wiring and cabling are central to a productive work environment. The performance of that system is directly related to the effectiveness of the cable management system itself. However, cable management solutions for the marine industry must not only offer advantages and benefits that range from routine maintenance to ease of access, but the tubing material must also carry protective properties to withstand a myriad of environmental conditions.

Whether shore-based or out on the ocean, without cable and wire protection, elemental exposure can be unforgiving. The briny air conditions, as well as the dampness and water itself, combine to present an ongoing challenge to ensure applications susceptible to salty air and water remain dry and function as designed. M.M. Newman Corporation’s Heli-Tube® UV-resistant, black, polyethylene spiral wrap is designed for bundling and protecting wires, cables, and hoses in the harshest environments.

M.M. Newman Corporation’s  marine-rated spiral wrap can protect your applications from the rugged conditions present in a seafaring environment. Though outdoor conditions inland present their own set of challenges for protecting wires, cables, and hoses, the constant elemental exposure and the chemical reaction of marine environments subject applications to present its own set of unique challenges.

Performance in Even the Harshest Environments

Marine environments are well-known for the rapid wear and oxidation of the material. Without some form of protection, the sodium chloride found in salt, combined with the moisture and exposure to air, causes rapid corrosion of the material. Saltwater corrodes metal at five times the rate of freshwater. Humid, briny ocean air will cause the metal to corrode ten times the rate that normal humidity causes inland. In addition to moisture and humidity, the bacterium found in ocean water actually consumes metal alloys and that turns subsequent excretions to rust.

Even copper—the most common material used in wires and cables—is subjected to oxidation in marine environments, though not as rapidly as iron-based or aluminum alloys. Once copper is exposed to saltwater, it will begin to oxidize, change to a  blue-green color, inducing corrosion that hinders the electrical conductivity and functionality of the wire.

Many types of plastic material used in insulating wires and cables are also subject to wear and decomposition in marine environments. Without protection, chemical reactions to salty air and moisture, along with continuous UV exposure from sunlight, can cause plastics to physically degrade and break into smaller pieces, exposing the wires and cabling within to the corroding effects of the harsh, ocean-related environments.

The properties of protective material for marine applications must be able to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment of the sea. The material must be marine-rated to withstand the elements, especially sodium chloride found in saltwater as well as the damaging effects of prolonged UV exposure.  

A marine rated product can withstand corrosive moisture and water, strong winds, rough contact, constant vibration, and the pounding associated with the elements and conditions of marine-related environments. Marine-rated equipment must be able to protect applications from saltwater corrosion that would otherwise lead to premature product failure, whether at sea or during shore-based operations.

Polyethylene Spiral Wrap

Heli-Tube® UV-resistant, black, polyethylene spiral wrap is virtually unaffected by saltwater or direct sunlight. It also withstands fuels, oils, and detergents common to all marine-related environments. The marine-rated synthetic polymer material provides the flexibility and performance necessary for effective cable management in the marine industry. The mechanical properties are designed to support diverse applications in any sea or shore-based operational environment, with the added benefits of UV protection, corrosion resistance, longevity, and functionality in extreme cold or high heat temperatures.  If you have specific testing requirements for your spiral wrap, just let us know. 

M.M. Newman’s Heli-Tube® spiral wrap sets the standard in cable management and bundling solutions. In marine industry applications, Heli-Tube® provides the required protection to prevent sensitive cabling and wires from premature failure due to constant wear, chafing, and general abrasion that occurs in harsh working conditions. The sea may create an unforgiving environment for cable management applications, but marine-rated Heli-Tube® spiral wrap should help protect those applications under the toughest conditions.