The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application

The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application

Today’s business landscape is complex, highly technical and extremely advanced—in short, it’s more exciting than ever. This also means that most businesses, whether a large electronics manufacturer or a small home business, invest a great deal of time and money in technology.

No matter what the specific company, what they all have in common is the need to stay organized and efficient, and to achieve this, there is perhaps no better product than spiral wrap — also known as spiral cable wrap or spiral tubing.

Spiral wrap is a highly versatile protective product that can accommodate a wide range of design, operation, and size requirements—and provides organization for everything ranging from home electronics to robotics, assembly plants, public utilities and so much more.

As the leading manufacturer of Heli-Tube® Spirally Cut Cable Wrap, offering the widest and highest quality range of spiral wrap products since 1956, M.M. Newman Corporation is a spiral wrap expert. That is why we developed our latest eBook, The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application.

In this informative, detailed e-book, you’ll learn invaluable information on spiral wrap; you’ll understand how it works, where it works, and why it works so well—as well as how to choose the exact product for your needs.

Some of the knowledge you’ll gain from The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application includes:

  • What exactly spiral wrap is
  • The many benefits of spiral wrap (including flexibility, easy installation, added protection, and versatility)
  • Spiral wrap’s wide-ranging materials and applications
  • Spiral wrap material characteristics, ranging from operating temperature to abrasion resistance and sizes and colors
  • Why M.M. Newman Corporation’s Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is the ideal choice

For almost 60 years, we have perfected the art of manufacturing spiral wrap, and have consistently designed the product to grow and evolve with the multiple industries it serves. As a result, we’ve not only become recognized as the leading manufacturer of spiral wrap but as a true authority on it.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to be able to offer what we know about this amazing product to the public, allowing anyone to learn how to choose the right spiral wrap for their needs, and to see how well it can keep their business organized, protected, and actually safer.

We encourage you to check out our new eBook, The Right Spiral Wrap Material for Your Application. You might also find our Spiral Wrap Products and Spiral Wrap Cross Reference Parts Guide useful.