Find the Exact Product for Your Application in Our New Catalogs

Find the Exact Product for Your Application in Our New Catalogs

Any industrial manufacturer can attest to the importance of high-quality tooling and accessories. With the sheer amount of related products to choose from, OEMs and engineers often have difficulty finding suitable products for their applications.

At M.M. Newman Corporation, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Our expertise is not limited to our assortment of versatile, first-class products, though; we constantly seek to address any questions clients may have about our products and services. In order to provide our customers with the information they need, we have added a variety of guides and catalogs to our Resource Library.

Our Resource Library is replete with free-to-download documents that detail every aspect of our products. Our newest online guides include:

  • Hot Tools Product Catalog – In our new Hot Tools catalog, you can learn more about our Woodburner tools. The tools include abundant features—we offer lightweight, stay-cool handles and various specialty tips, thereby enabling users to create the most intricate designs possible. In addition to our Woodburner tools, this catalog also provides information on other Hot Tools products including dial-temp controllers, stencil makers, stands, and more.
  • Antex Soldering Iron Product Catalog – As the sole importing agent of Antex tools and accessories, M.M. Newman Corp. wants our clients to have as much in-depth information as possible. This catalog outlines the versatility, efficiency, and heating capabilities of our Antex soldering irons. Miniature models are available in 12, 15, and 18 watt capacities and range from 600°F to 750°F (316°C to 399°C) in heating output. Standard-sized models are available in 17, 25, and 50 watt capacities and range from 700°F to 850°F (371°C to 450°C) in heating output. The catalog also offers information about various soldering accessories, including stands, temperature controls, and repair kits.
  • Heli-Tube® Spiral Wrap Product Catalog – M.M. Newman Corporation is the leading manufacturer of Heli-Tube® cable wrap—expandable plastic cable harnesses that can be used for countless applications.Our product catalog details the different materials of spiral wrap we offer and their specific properties including minimum and maximum operating temperatures, abrasion resistance, flammability, tensile strength, and much more.

M.M. Newman Corporation has been a pioneering manufacturer since 1956. Regardless of your specific project requirements, you can be assured that we can provide the products you need. Be sure to visit our Resource Library today and contact us anytime with any questions—we’re here for you.