Automation and Manufacturing: A Partnership in Technology

4 Key Ways to Achieve Innovation

Automation: It’s one of the biggest trends in manufacturing these days, and a perfect example of the ways the industry is making the most of cutting edge technology. From small businesses using it to enhance efficiency and boost profitability, to giants such as Boeing who are investing $1.2 billion in automation*, it’s happening all over the country.

Automation and robotics have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. They employ sophisticated technology to increase efficiency and perform tasks that were previously considered menial, low-skill, and or time-consuming.

Articles point out that today and tomorrow’s manufacturing will be comprised of “millions of small and medium-sized businesses that will benefit from new materials, cheaper robots and 3D printers that can economically produce a wide variety of products…” In this way, American manufacturers will remain globally competitive, producing high-quality products with faster turnarounds and at lower costs.

Additionally, automation will very likely save and create jobs. While people used to fear that robots could replace human workers, the exact opposite could be true. After all, these machines must be designed, programmed, maintained, and serviced. They will take over low-skill tasks while paving the way for higher-skill, more interesting jobs.

Additionally, as these businesses benefit from automation and American manufacturing grows, and companies return business back to US soil, more workers will have to be hired for a variety of positions.

As manufacturers of versatile, expandable cable wraps, our products can wrap around and protect any cable or wire that’s used in automation equipment—therefore serving virtually any application or industry. We’re confident our engineering and design can add to the efficiency and effectiveness of any automation process.

The landscape of today’s manufacturing is all about innovation and technology, and we’re excited to be a part of it.