Spiral Cable Wrap for Any Job

Spiral Wrap

Leave the struggle with cable organization behind when you invest in spiral cable wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation. Since 1956, we’ve dedicated our business to delivering convenient, high-quality protective solutions and hot tools. Today, we’re the world’s premier manufacturer of Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap. As easy to apply as tape and as strong as the best cable sleeves, cable wrap offers protective and organizational support for any cable industrial or at-home cable project. Request a sample of our unique spiral wraps today.

The Cable Wrap for Any Job

Unsecured cables can look unsightly and expose cords and wires to unnecessary wear, vibrations, and temperatures. Instead of using a cut corrugated hose to house bundles, consider an alternative that gives you visibility into the cable bundle and the ability to break out cables or wires at intervals. A spiral cable wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation is a convenient alternative to bulky cable ties and hoses.

When you contact us to place a cable wrap order, choose from two distinctive cuts as well as a variety of materials, colors, and diameters. The concept is simple. Bundle cables in the desired configuration, and wrap the spiral as you would a piece of tape. Forward cut spiral cable wrap works best for right-handed wrappers, while the reverse cut tends to make wrapping easier for southpaws.

Made from polyethylene, nylon, or PTFE (Teflon), our line of spiral cable wraps offers anywhere from light protection to heavy-duty temperature and extreme environmental protection. Each solution is made to last. When you upgrade your systems, simply unwrap the current cable wrap and reapply it to your new configuration. Heli-Tube® cable wrap solutions work well in indoor and outdoor environments. Turn your equipment area into a neatly organized and accessible area with a cable wrap designed for the job at hand. Download our ebook on spiral wrap applications to learn more!

Spiral Wrap for Industrial & Home Use

Individuals and businesses across a range of industries may benefit from the flexibility and protection a spiral cable wrap offers. Telecommunications solutions, control systems, and electro-mechanical equipment assemblies often require multiple cable arrangements to function properly. Improve workplace safety and uptime with the right protective cable wrap from M.M. Newman Corporation.

At home, use our unique cable wrap line to secure smart-home system cables and wires, protect sound systems and keep exposed cable configurations away from small hands. Need to create new wire cables? We sell a complete line of heat shrink tubing and extruded plain and corrugated tubing for wire organization and safety.

Contact Us Today for Spiral Cable Wrap

If you work with cable bundles on a routine basis, you understand the importance of the right protective and organizational arrangement. Save time and money when you invest in our maintenance-friendly and reusable spiral cable wrap line. At M.M. Newman Corporation, we’re here to keep our customers happy. Let us know what you need, and we’ll ship you a sample or a complete order as fast as possible. For more information about the right cable wrap, contact our team in Massachusetts at (800) 777-6309.