4 Ways to Ensure Safety in the Shop

4 Ways to Ensure Safety in the Shop

In a manufacturing facility or machine shop, one accident or injury is one too many. The most important goal of any facility owner is to keep workers safe. And a safe workplace means happier employees, a better reputation, less downtime, and higher productivity.

There are many specific ways of ensuring safety in a machine shop or factory, but there are also some general guidelines to follow.

1) Noise Protection
Did you know that in addition to hearing loss, high levels of noise exposure have been linked to loss of sleep, stress-related illness, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems? Employees in machine shops are especially susceptible to hazardous noise, and the easiest way to protect them is through ear plugs, ear muffs, or both. Be sure that all workers exposed to noise wear these at all times.

2) Eye Protection
Safety goggles and/or safety glasses with side shields must be worn at all times—no exceptions. Metal shavings and chips can easily get into the eye and cause serious damage.

3) Dust/Fume Protection
Fumes given off by metals during welding processes can be extremely toxic, leading to anything from respiratory disease to Parkinson’s. Likewise, grinding dust when inhaled is extremely dangerous, leading to a host of health problems. Those in contact should always wear an approved respirator.

4) Trip/Fall Protection
Machine shops are full of tools, equipment, and wires that can easily be tripped over. Be sure to enforce the cleaning and organization of all areas to ensure safety. Bundle wires and cables with a cable wrap product, sweep up dust that can be slipped on, and make sure all tools are kept in their proper storage areas. Keep a checklist that’s followed daily.

Implement safety procedures, have regular safety meetings and training sessions and get everyone involved. This will always pay off.