Spring Cleaning – 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Cable Management

Heli Tube Products

Whether home or in the office, organizing cables is essential to providing a safe and functional work and living space. In today’s tech-driven society, wires, cords, and cables are a part of everyday life in order to stay connected. With the abundance of networks, servers, tablets, laptops, flat screens, and monitors of all sizes; printers, lighting, and a wide assortment of other electronic devices, the cables that keep them connected can take on a life of their own. The not uncommon spread of tangled piles of wires or cables hanging from tables, desks, and workstations or bunched up under a corner table or beneath the TV is not only an unsightly mess but a safety hazard.

Cables, cords, and wires should be bundled up and out of sight. Wire and cable management is an important organizational tool for any home or office, large or small. Though visually pleasing, cables protected by spiral wrap also provide a degree of safety as well as ensuring the functionality and optimal performance of the system.

This spring as you are cleaning around the house or office, take the time to invest in a cable management solution for that tangled mess. Look no further than M.M. Newman Corporation’s Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap for your bundling solution. Designed for home or business, Heli-Tube® spiral wrap is an expandable, multifunctional plastic spiral cable wrap that can protect and organize any work or living space filled with cables and wires.  You can use one of the many colors that M.M. Newman Corporation offers to help with organization and to make the bundle match the environment aesthetically. 

Here Are 4 Reasons to Organize & Manage Cables:

  1. Safety & Accident Prevention

In the home or office, preventing accidents that could lead to serious injuries is a top priority. Companies small or large need to keep workspaces safe for employees and customers alike. As modern business offices are filled with cable-connected devices, the risk of cable-related injuries and liabilities is higher. The same applies to the (more popular than ever) home office. There’s no reason that family members, older relatives who may be visiting or any guests should be exposed to foot-snagging tripping hazards. Bundle up the mess with Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap and keep your business and home safe from tripping accidents.

2. Saves Money Over Time

As part of an effort to provide a safe work environment, effective cable management not only provides a more organized space to work in but protecting cables and wires will also extend their life. When exposed, power and data cables are prone to damage. Bunched-up wires piled on the floor or hanging from wall mounts or ceiling panels are subject to unnecessary wear and abrasion from continually being stepped on, crushed by delivery carts or vacuums, their own sagging weight, getting ensnared in and snagged upon, and so on. Bundled cables are cost-effective protection from wear and abrasion.

3. Electronic Interference

Sifting through a tangled, wire jumble behind workstations, desks, and assorted screens and televisions is more than just an unsightly nuisance. Cables and wires tangled up together can be subjected to performance issues. Electronic interference amongst the cables and wires can occur that hinder electronic output. As a general rule, it’s best to keep power cords and signal cables separated from each other. Power cables emit a 60Hz hum that can interfere with analog signals. Also, jumbled cables or even neatly coiled lines can produce a bad signal. Sorting the cables carrying power from those transmitting digital signals with separate color-coded spiral cable wrap will ensure electronic performance in the home or office.

4. Electrical

Besides electronic interference, disorganized power cables can lead to other types of physical threats such as electronic shorts or possibly electrical fire. Those power cables are carrying at the very least 110 volts of electricity that run through the length of the wires. Wires are typically encapsulated in a thick layer of PVC insulation for safety. However, if left unprotected, active areas in the home or office can lead to frayed, cracked, damaged, or loosened wires that can expose a ‘hot’ line to other exposed cables and wires. During this spring cleaning, make sure that your power cables are not only sorted from digital signal lines but are protected from unnecessary exposure by using spiral cable wrap.