Woodburner Tips

Uses for the Woodburner Tips

Our wide selection of tip shapes lets you create precise lines and carve realistic feathers and markings. Here are some suggested uses:

Standard: Makes straight lines and burns in veins on feathers for decoys.
Needle Point: Makes fine lines, dots, and burns holes and intricate details.
Feather: Has a sharper point than the standard tip and more acute angle, allowing you to burn fine lines even deeper.
Button: Edges are perpendicular to the tip shaft which makes it easier to reach under the neck or beak of a bird by working at a 90-degree angle.
Circle: This tip is hollowed out to burn a circle with its edges and comes in three sizes.
Round: Round tips also come in three sizes and make a completely blackened circle, rather than an outlined circle.
Multi Groove: This tip lets you/burn veins and feathers on decoys and is available with 56 lines per inch for medium-sized songbirds and 44 lines per inch which is ideal for larger birds and full-sized ducks.
Knife Blade: This double edge knife blade tip cuts by melting and leaving a beaded edge. This blade works with most synthetic materials such as fabrics, rubber, and mesh.