Series 50 Tips for Models XS and MLXS-12

Series 50 Tips for Models XS Standard Soldering Iron and MLXS-12

The Series 50 Soldering Tips are for Models XS 25 Watt and MLXS-12 Volt soldering irons.  These tips are designed to slide over a .178” heating element shaft.  They are made from a copper alloy giving them maximum strength at high temperatures and maximum heat conductivity for rapid heat up and recovery times. The series 50 Tips are iron plated for extra long life, and feature multilayer construction with nickel plating over the Iron for easy wetting.  These tips have an even heavier wall for extra heavy-duty soldering applications.  The tip diameter of the Series 50 ranges from .020” to .187” and is available in Needle, Spade and Chisel shapes.