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Heli-Tube® Spiral Cable Wrap and Abrasion Protector

M.M. Newman Corporation is the leading manufacturing of Heli-Tube® spiral cable wrap. This low-cost product is highly abrasion-resistant and available in a number of materials, including Polyethylene.

Our Polyethylene spiral cable wrap line comes in a variety of colors, such as natural, black, blue, brown and green, among others. We also carry a line of ultraviolet-resistant black Polyethylene cable wrap, which features ultraviolet absorbing properties that permit the spiral wrap to be used outdoors in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Maximum operating temperature is 190°F, 88°C. Minimum temperature is -76°F, -60°C. These temperatures are to be used as guidelines only.

M.M. Newman Corporation's Heli-Tube® products are made in the U.S.A. We have a large inventory and are able to ship immediately.

For more information on our Heli-Tube spiral wrap products, we encourage you to download our spiral wrap catalog. Our Heli-Tube® product catalog contains a complete list of our spiral cable wrap products, as well as information on the materials we offer and their specific properties.