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105 C PVC Heat Shrink UL-VW-1 Rated

Heat ShrinkStandard Wall and Heavy Wall 50% Shrinkage

Shrink Ratio: Full 2:1 forms a smooth, tight fitting insulation for most applications with a high degree of flexibility.

Longitude Shrinkage: Approximately 20% allows ripple free conformance around sharp bends as in appliance handles and bus bars.

Physical & Chemical Resistance: Resists most chemicals and oils as well as sunlight, moisture and fungus.

Low Shrink Temperature: Shrinks quickly at temperatures below 200 degrees F to provide outstanding dielectric and mechanical protection without damage to enclosed or adjacent components.

Specifications: UL-Subject 224 VW-1, 105C, MIL-1 -23053/2; ASTM D 922; MIL-I-631D, Grade C, UL File No. E28044, AAMS 3579.

Storage: HS105 is extremely heat sensitive and should be stored at 70 degrees F or below or used in 30 days.

Colors: Black, white, red, yellow, and clear are standard; other colors and sizes subject to factory quotation and acceptance.